Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair
Refrigerators are the most used, least troublesome of all appliances. Yet they have plenty of potential trouble areas. It is a minor miracle of technology that they cause so few complaints. Appliance repair is something you should expect and be prepared for.

In most modern refrigerators, the compressor and motor are sealed with no exposed moving parts. Lubrication is provided continuously. The motors usually are of a type that has a startup winding which cuts out when running speed is attained, and the running winding takes over. An overload and a relay switch, in a separate, serviceable compartment, complete the motor’s electrical equipment.
Refrigeration systems in modern refrigerators have the sealed-in compressor, which is a pump for converting low-pressure gas to high-temperature, high- pressure gas. Then, by way of the condenser, the resultant heat is removed to the air outside the refrigerator. These functions cause refrigeration to occur.


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